Service: Residential

Before MCS of GA and , I had never had a cleaning service. While I did need (and want) help with housekeeping, I was never comfortable trusting someone I did not know with my house. Then, one evening in November of 2015, a friend told me about this wonderful man who has been cleaning her house for at least seven years. She highly recommended him. I gave Bugsy a call and we met a few days later for an introductory meeting and visit of the house to be cleaned. Bugsy and I got along from the very first meeting – we set expectations for how we wanted to work together, he made an effort to understand my likes and dislikes, and we agreed that we would always be very direct and honest with each other so we could have a long-term working relationship. Oh, he also told me about his love for Post-It notes – I could use them to draw his attention to areas that I wanted him to focus on. We scheduled the first cleaning to occur a few days later, on December 1. Since it was his first time at the house, we mutually agreed that my husband would be home while Bugsy and his crew worked. When I got home that day my house smelled like a 5-star hotel! Everything was shining and spotless. Since then, Bugsy has come to clean my house every two weeks. He has made my life so much easier because I do not have to spend my weekends catching up with house work; maintenance cleaning is much faster now. I appreciate and love Bugsy and his staff for this; they are thorough and do a great job. Bugsy would say that I am a perfectionist and that I especially love spotless baseboards (all over the house) and shining surfaces and handles (especially in the kitchen). It was on his second visit that Bugsy learned, through Post-It notes, how much of a perfectionist I am! I am sure his love of the sticky notes ended that day… After each visit I make a point to compliment Bugsy on a job well done – because it is truly well done. I also let Bugsy know when a job is not up to par (or, as Bugsy has heard me say, not up to “deluxe” standards). For example, several weeks back, after one of the cleanings, I noticed (after the white glove test!) that some areas had not been cleaned as thoroughly as usual. While it is always difficult to deliver “needs improvement” feedback to someone, Bugsy did not get defensive but instead listened and assured me quality of work would not be an issue going forward as he cares about keeping his customers happy. I am indeed a very happy customer! I hope you give MCS of GA and Bugsy a try, you will not be disappointed.Jessie -Decatur, GA